Stop the killing of a lion in Egypt in the name of "Tourism" - The Petition Site

Sunday, 29 May 2011
Stop the killing of a lion in Egypt in the name of "Tourism" - The Petition Site

We, the undersigned, call upon the Egyptian Government to take action against the act of barbaric animal cruelty planned for the 25th June 2011 - to prevent Al-Essawy from killing a lion as part of a grotesque public spectacle, and to bring him to justice so that no animal can be harmed by him in the future .

Tourism to Egypt will certainly not be boosted by the slaying of an innocent animal but taking measures to prevent this action will show the world that these acts of sheer barbarity have no place in Egyptian society. We implore you to act and thank you for your attention.

News report - 25th May 2011 - DAQAHLYIA, Egypt: In an unusual move to revive Egyptian tourism, a young Egyptian man has announced he will fight an African lion.

Al-Sayed al-Essawy said he bought the lion, which weighs 280 kilograms (617lb), for 25,000 EGP (U.S. $4,200).

Al-Essawy, who lives in Daqahlyia governorate, has finished the iron cage and said he will train with the lion and will be prepared mentally to face the lion. He said this mental preparation takes more than five hours.

Al-Essawy said he will use an iron shield and dagger to defend himself but will kill the lion with his own hands. Full report here:

Photo Credit: Andrew G Brown



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