Prevent the killing of thousands of dogs! - The Petition Site

Sunday, 29 May 2011
Prevent the killing of thousands of dogs! - The Petition Site

  • Target: Roberta Anastase, President of Chamber of Deputies, Parliament of Romanian
  • Sponsored by: Bianca Arsene

Despite the fact that we are living in the 21st century and despite the the fact that it it part of the European Union, Romania%u2019s approach towards animals has remained disgustingly cruel.

For the past two decades, Romanian leaders have allowed hundreds of thousands of stray dogs to be killed.

Despite the fact that this mass killing was proved ineffective in extincting the dogs living on streets, despite the fact that the only programme that has been proved to be an effective solution to extincting stray dogs from the streets is sterilisation and despite the fact that euthanasia costs 62 Euro,while sterilisation costs only 15 Euro, the Romanian Commission of Public Administration wants to reintroduce euthanasia of dogs in Romania.

The majority of stray dogs are very fearful (after years of abuse from people) or friendly. A few of them, sick of being maltreated, hit or chased by people, dare to bite their attacker. These dogs are said to be dangerous. They are not! If no man attacks they are harmless. The majority of them are starving, ill or wounded and starved for affection.

At this point Romania is Europe%u2019s butcher and it does not deserve to be treated as a modern country, but as a criminal, unworthy of clearance.

A modern country would sterilise and vaccinate the stray dogs, then it would provide shelter for the aggressive dogs and it would release or arrange the adoption of those which do not present a public danger.

If you wish to prevent the mass killing of thousands of dogs, by urging Romania to sterilise and allow the stray dogs to return on the streets, please, sign this petition!



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