Asia's Dog Meat Trade: A Look Inside A Seedy World

Saturday, 12 December 2009


mjhlbdog said...

They say, dogs are treated well for the meat trade;
While they are stuffed in tiny rusty cages.
They say, the dogs are well fed and watered;
While they are fed dead puppies and watered just enough to keep them alive.
They say, they are killed humanly and quickly;
While their front legs are ripped out of their sockets and tied tightly behind their backs and a rusty can is stuffed over their muzzle, left all night in a dark, cold room, hung the next day and sliced open with a knife while still alive.
They say, dogs are no good for nothing anyway and are a nuisance;
While there are dogs for the blind, police dogs rescue dogs but mainly, a man's best friend.
They say, dog eating is our culture, it is not a sin;
While you hide your sins at your olympics.
They say, dogs are stupid and are no better than cows;
While dogs have the same capacity of understanding it's surroundings and feelings as a 4 year old child.
I say, if dogs could speak the language of a 4 year old child, they would say, please, no more.
Shame on you for killing little children.

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