Urgent! Please help. Cats & Dogs getting killed by Poison on a very cruel way! - The Petition Site

Sunday, 13 December 2009
Urgent! Please help. Cats & Dogs getting killed by Poison on a very cruel way! - The Petition Site

In Hurghada, Egypt are a lot of stray dogs and cats. The government, private people and hotel managers try to get rid of them by dropping toxic baits on the streets and the hotel area. This is very cruel for the animals and very dangerous for humans as well.

Hurghadas boarder is on three sides desert and on one side we have got the sea. The problem is easily to get under control by sterilisation and castration of this animals. Poisoning them makes the problem worse. This procedure doesnt cause the minimizing of stray dogs and cats. It is pushing this problem to the top as it is proved in worldwide examinations. This decrease of animals is causing more stray puppies or kittens for the next born generation because of increasing the food for the animals that survive.

The problem will be double within one year and sterilization and castration is the only possibility to get red of this problem futurewise. The financial costs therefore havent to be carried by the government. There are enough volunteer organizations that are offering this service for free. It just needs the approbation of the government. Dear Signers, I wanna reach with your help and support that the governor of Hurghada will agree to stop the poisoning of stray dogs and cats by using toxic baits. This baits are very cruel for the animals, and a very high risk for the citizens as well. Strychnin or even a stronger poison is used for this toxic baits on the streets!

Methomyl pure is declared as an insect poison but it is a contact poison as well and often used in pure form or a mix for this baits. We feel this is a invasion of privacy for us, our children and our private pets.

The people dont feel safe to leave their houses and to know there can be toxic baits containing Strychnin or even more toxic ingredients everywhere on the street. Poison is easy to get with underhand deals. This is like an invitation for terroristic activities as well.


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