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Saturday, 19 December 2009
Justice for Shadow...Please Sign - The Petition Site

When the Scheeles went to visit relatives in Vermont, they did not expect their trip to end in horror. Shadow, their much beloved pet, wandered outside into a neighbor's yard where Lewis Dustin shot and killed Shadow for merely trespassing. Dustin was ordered to pay the Scheeles the cost of adopting Shadow, his veterinary bills and his cremation along with 100 hours of community service. This is not justice and the Scheeles are seeking further damages for the emotional heartache that they have suffered. As you may know already, the Scheeles are not doing this for monetary purposes. They want the courts to acknowledge Shadow as a member of the family and not as property. This is an extremely important case that will be heard in the spring and it could have tremendous impact. If this man is forced to pay a larger sum of money for the devastation he caused, it will send out a message to any idiot with a gun who decides to use it against an innocent animal. This is very important so I am asking you to please sign and if you can forward this to as many friends as you can.Once I close this petition, I will forward all of the names to the Scheeles and their attorney so that they can use this in court.



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