Freedom for Franklin a Thai Ridgeback Dog Petition

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Franklin is a 3 yr old purebred Thai Ridgeback dog who is being judged unfairly by people ignorant to his needs and this primitive rare breed. His breeder tried to get him back, the Thai Ridgeback Rescue Network with support from their national breed club wants him, the shelter staff and volunteers love him but the Board of Directors for this shelter want to destroy him because they "think" he "may" be dangerous "someday".

Reports confirm Franklin has lived in Washington state since he was a puppy. In those 3 years and has never caused harm to a human, animal, etc.

We demand fair treatment of this dog and wholeheartedly believe that banishing him, out of nothing but fear, stops now.


Tatiana said...

Já assinei a petição. ;o)

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