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Wednesday, 21 April 2010
HELP DOGS IN MOSCOW - The Petition Site

This petition aims to draw attention of the government of Moscow to very important problems.
Homeless dogs and cats are being killed with cruelty in the streets in the face of passersby. The government does not care about animal shelters in Moscow.Homeless dogs and cats` corpses are being buried in public places( places,that are intended for walking the dogs,for example)!It can cause serious diseases. Dog parks do not exist in some city districts,but walking the dogs anywhere else is forbidden.When people adopt a dog,they want to have a place to walk the dog without breaking the law!

We claim to:

Give people an opportunity to keep their pets in appropriate conditions and to carry out the law.
Organise safe and clean places to walk the dogs in every district of Moscow,as it is supposed to be according to the law.
Stop shooting dogs and cats in the streets.It is cruel.
Introduce severe penalties to people and organisations,that bury corpses of homeless animals in public places.
Take measures to the officials,that are responsible for these infringements.


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