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Sunday, 11 April 2010
Ban Electroejaculation of Bulls in Canada - The Petition Site

Former Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Trudeau once quipped that "the state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation". While that may be true between consenting adults in the "bedroom" it can not be used to justify the "states" turning a blind eye on the activities behind closed doors in the factory farm barns of Canada, or many other world countries, who's male farm animals are routinely subjected to un-anesthetized electroejaculation to collect semen for Artificial Insemination (AI) and bull "breeding soundness examinations".

Electroejaculation involves placement of a bipolar electrode over the males accessory glands by way of the rectum; this method is a fast and operator convenient alternative to the artificial vagina method of semen collection. Professional AI services generally collect semen from bulls twice a week.
Electroejaculation of bulls has been proven to cause extreme pain when used as intended. Studies have shown that blood Cortisol and progesterone concentrations (stress response indicators) were significantly elevated after electroejaculation. All this says nothing about the misuse by operators in the "turning up of the voltage and current as punishment" should the bull be "non-compliant" or "not able".

User Instructions for the Electroejaculator

- The electrodes should face ventral
- Some bulls do not respond well and some bulls go down (Brahman) with the stimulation. [cowboss has been around many bulls in his life, it take a lot of force or pain for a bull to go "down"]

- The technique is one of a gradual build-up of electrical stimulation until the bull has an erection, protrusion of the penis and ejaculation.

- Some machines are manually operated and some are preprogrammed to deliver the correct stimuli.

- You start with a low 'power' setting and then work the 'power' up until erection, protrusion and ejaculation. [Wow - just how far do you go with this? Maybe when it starts to smell like a BBQ, would that be a good time to stop?]

If electroejaculation were not painful, general anesthesia would not be required for the "procedure" to be carried out on humans! Electroejaculation must be performed under general anesthesia in all "human" patients who have abdominal and perirectal sensation. Electroejaculation of bulls is banned in Sweden and Denmark.

Ask your Regulators to ban this barbaric practise now!

cowboss .........


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