Stop Plan for Domestic Cat Hunting in NJ

Monday, 12 April 2010

Right now in New Jersey, there is a debate underway about what to do with the feral cats there. Although there is already a successful trap-neuter-return poilcy in place, a certain few want to change the status of any outdoor cat- whether domestic or feral- into an 'exotic animal', and ban TNR. This will very likely pave the way for hunting of loose cats as wild pests, aka varmints.
The main person who has been pushing this is New Jersey Fish and Game Council Member Leonard Wolgast, whose wife's family owns the Blumig Kennel. This kennel provides various shelter services, including euthanisations for area communities. The East Brunswick animal control officer has also been a vocal advocate of this plan. His name is David Blumig. See this page for his email address and other information. Also interesting is his string of cat-hating comments on this page.
See this article for more details. Also, you may want to leave a comment on this page.
Contact the state agency advocating this HERE. The state agency in charge of authorizing such a status change for an animal is the Dept. of Health and Senior Services. Please contact them HERE.

As one signer of this petition so aptly put it:
"If you all legalize shooting cats including bow hunting, you are going to allow people to kill other people's pets who accidentally wander out. If anybody shoots my cat there will be law suits everywhere including against the STATE who allowed this animal cruelty. FURTHER if you all call feral cats "wildlife" you ALSO LEGALIZED CAT MEAT. Wildlife is eaten. CAT MEAT will be served as "chicken" dishes like they do all over China and in Chinese restaurants. " ( L.Swa_)


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