World Week for Animals in Laboratories

Friday, 9 April 2010
World Week for Animals in Laboratories

Please join In Defense of Animals during World Week for Animals in Laboratories (WWAIL) to speak out against the abhorrent use of animals in testing and research.

This year, there is more hope than ever, as technology moves us beyond antiquated animal experiments and government reports, agencies and scientists have begun to acknowledge the need to move away from animal research.

Recent published studies also document that an old boys network in the federal research funding system concentrates grant awards in the hands of a select number of older researchers ("aging cash cows" like Stephen Lisberger at the University of California San Francisco), perpetuating old-style, outdated research methods at the expense of modern and innovative studies.

With a new administration and a serious financial crisis at hand, it is more important than ever that we use this week to call attention to the outdated and unnecessary biomedical experiments that continue to claim the lives of millions of animals each year.

The new presidential administration has vowed to scrutinize the federal budget "line by line" to locate and eliminate wasteful spending. Now is the time to bring the massive waste of federal funds on cruel and unnecessary animal research to the new Administration's attention. IDA has begun this effort with a letter to Senate leaders

Among them are studies that looked at:

Nipple preference in nursing infant monkeys.
Effect of high-fat diets on mice sleep. (Made mice fat and sleepy.)
Effect of stress and isolation on voles. (Prairie voles had less anxiety than meadow voles.)
Effect of mouse social separation on wound healing. (Affected monogamous mice, not polygamous mice.)
Effect of exercise on rat health. (Rats who exercised were healthier.)

Your participation is urgently needed to join forces with IDA to push forward and bring about an end to cruel and wasteful animal research. Please, make a commitment today to take one action for animals in laboratories during the week of WWAIL. Here are just a few ways to participate during WWAIL:

Organize an event in your area, such as a demonstration or educational table. Click here to read about the many different ways that you can get involved in 2010. Email us at to let us know if you will be planning an event, or if you just need more information.
Send a letter to the editor or your local newspaper. Click here for sample letters and guidelines.
Write to President Obama and urge him to stand by his promise to end wasteful government programs. Contact the Office of Public Liaison ("the front door to the White House through which everyone can participate and inform the work of the President").

This year more than ever, we are closer to exposing and ending cruel, unnecessary and outdated animal research


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