Stop further killing of the Swedish wolf ! - The Petition Site

Monday, 5 April 2010
Stop further killing of the Swedish wolf ! - The Petition Site

The Swedish government decided to let 1200 hunters get
licenses to kill 27 wolfes in January 2010 !

Sweden have less than 250 wolfes and they are on the
list of endangered animals.

They have tried before to kill the Swedish wolf to
extinction, but did not succed completly that time,
3 wolfs did survive !

So the population of wolfes in Sweden today is not only
endangered by hunters and unlegal killings, they are
also inbred, so that can cause problems for some of
them and this makes the hole population very sensitive !

Scientists says they are critically endangered and so do
The Society for Nature Conservation in Sweden.

The Swedish goverment do not care and do not listen to
scientists and people protecting wildlife for future
generations to come.

They have killed some alfapairs and one animal with
transmittor for datacollection and there was no
special wolf to kill, so they killed what happened to come
their way.

The dead wolfs was to be transported to lab for
collection of information about their condition and so
on, but some of the males did not have their testicles
any more.

We need aid to protect our wolfs now and Sweden is a
part of EU, so our hope to stop futher madness is to
have this cry for help go to Mr Stavros Dimas that handels
enviromental issues in the Europan Commission.

In EU the Swedish wolf is also protected and this is also directed
to the court of justice in handling endangered
animals in our environment.

This must never happen again.


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