Give 25 million EU fur animals protection at the time of killing

Thursday, 11 June 2009
Humane Society International: Fur Free

Each year, around 25 million animals in the European Union are kept and killed solely for their fur. Most animal species reared on fur factory farms are still essentially wild—ill-adapted to a captive environment. These poor creatures spend short and miserable lives in small wire cages, only to be gassed or electrocuted to death when their fur is in prime condition.
The proposed Council Regulation on the protection of animals at the time of killing provides an historic opportunity to give fur animals in the EU the protection they deserve, at least at the end of their lives. Learn more about the most recent vote on this issue.
HSI is urging Member States to amend the proposed Regulation to ensure that the welfare of mink, fox, chinchillas, raccoon dogs, polecats and rabbits is protected at the time of killing. As long as factory fur farming continues to be legal in many parts of the EU, there is no reason why these animals should not be afforded the same degree of protection as other types of mammals covered by the proposed Regulation.


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