Governor Bill Richardson Bans the Use of Carbon Monoxide Gas Chambers on Animals in New Mexico

Monday, 1 June 2009

On April 6nth 2009 after over 3 years of work our organization was instrumental in the New Mexico Banning of use of Carbon Monoxide to euthanize Cats and Dogs. The Bill HB 265 was signed by Governor Bill Richardson in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

HB 265 was spearheaded by Yvette and Steve Dobbie. I am eternally grateful for their intervention which lead to the end of the suffering of tens of thousands of dogs and cats. Also they were the answer to my dreams and so many prayers. In my moments of despair and desperation to see the ending of the Gas Chambers over the years were worth every second, now the day is finally here. Rep Kenny Martinez sponsored the bill. We will give credit to all with the full story.

The ban goes into effect as of June 19th 2009



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