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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

UEFAAtt. of Mr. M. Platini
Rte de Genève 46
1260 Nyon - Switzerland
Noiraigue, May 2009 -
Dear Mr. Platini,
During your imposant carreer, there was always the respect you were showing that made you even more than only one of the best football players of the world. Now you are president of the UEFA and we like to ask you to demand this respect from others regarding the 2012 European Football Championship in Ukraine and Poland.
Since 1997 we give support to SOS ANIMALS SOCIETY in Kiev/Ukraine. We helped to close the slaughterhouse Budka and found people in Europe who made donations to this society.
Tamara Tarnawska is a friend, and we know her animal protection engagements and give her our support.
We have been informed about the situation of stray animals in Ukraine and that the city administrations are killing by poisoning and shooting thousands of cats and dogs in order to clean up the cities before the Euro 2012 begins.
Mrs. Tarnawska has already asked several times for sterilization and castration programs instead of killing Ukrainian animals again, like in 1996. We%u2019ve seen reports in different news of TV stations in Europe about the street demonstrations organized by animal protectors and the Ukrainian population.
Even the Vice Prime Minister Evan Vasiunyk, responsible for Euro 2012, condemns the cruel methods of killing the stray dogs and cats and he has even proposed a hearing on this theme.
The 7th of May Tamara Tarnawska from SOS Animals Kiev ( has been invited by a special parliamentary commission to explain her point of view.
We hope that you, Mr. Platini, take the time to read this letter and to contact Mrs. Tamara Tarnawska (tel. and fax: 38044 2294295, e-mail :, in order to try to change the mass destruction of stray animals in Ukraine for the Euro 2012.
And that you will control the authorities untill the tournament.
The UEFA as a civilized organization shouldn%u2019t allow such cruelty towards animals.
Thank you very much for your attention, waiting for an answer, we remain
Yours faithfully,
SOS Chats
Yes, I agree with this letter,



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