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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Please save Snaps! SeaTac, Washington Pitbull to die! - The Petition Site: "On June 22, 2009 a group of young teens were observed abusing a Pit Bull on the streets of Washington. When two women intervened the teens attacked them and then used the dog as a weapon against them. This was not the dogs fault. The only fault here is that of the teens that facilitated the attack.
Even one of the victims acknowledges this. Fortunately both women are going to be okay. The dog, however, is going to die. The teens, the ones at fault, will probably get probation. This is not fair. This dog, Snaps, deserves justice. Look at his face, look into his eyes. It obvious he%u2019s never known any kindness and is a broken soul.
Please sign this petition urging King County, Washington officials to spare this dogs life. To hand him over to a rescue that can care for him and give him the sanctuary he deserves. Please help us to get Snaps to a place where he will know kindness and compassion for the first time in his life. He didn%u2019t deserve this. This poor dog has been punished enough in his young life.
Thanks for you time. County Government
Phone: 206-296-0100 or
Toll-free: 800-325-6165"



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