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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

From The New York Post :
A cat-hating Bronx teen roasted a helpless kitten alive in a heartless attempt to get revenge on her lesbian lover, authorities said yesterday.
Cheyenne Cherry, 17, and an accomplice allegedly broke into the Mott Haven home of ex-gal pal Valerie Hernandez, 19, on May 6.
They tossed her little cat, Tiger Lily, into the oven, then turned it on, authorities said.
"The kitten was burned alive, and it did not happen quickly. It was an agonizing death," said ASPCA Assistant Director Joe Pentangelo.
Cherry and her partner in crime also busted up Hernandez's home, slashing the couch, cutting TV wires and swiping food, sources said.
The invaders left the kitten trying to claw its way out. A fire eventually started in the Tinton Avenue home, and firefighters made the grim discovery.
Cherry was charged with arson, burglary, criminal trespass and felony aggravated animal cruelty. When asked why she did it, she allegedly said, "I don't like cats."
-----------And we dont like animal torturers; Ms. Cheyenne Cherry has a myspace; in case you want to join her there as "a friend" (of animals.) We predict that the space wont be there long, so hurry there to have your say;
name: Cheyenne Cherrymyspace: Cherry is alledged to be a habitual offender; BXJaz wrote: This little girl and her "boyfriend" robbed my best friend at gun point last year for her tea cup yorkie. After she made up reward flyers they had the audacity to call her and demand $500 for the dogs safe return. The DA in the case offered her probation, meanwhile she had 3 open cases prior to that case all for burglary or robbery. She needs to be locked away and not let out. This incident just goes to show how the justice system works. Had she been locked up for that robbery she would not have been able to kill this poor little cat. She sickens me and she needs to be locked away with females that do not tolerate these cowardice acts.----------The offender will be tried in the Bronx Criminal Court, but we do not have any info on the judge or prosecutors names just yet, but you can get that info as soon as it becomes available at: PetAbuse.Com - Case # 15528 for your support signers. Lets see that this cat-killing habitual offender goes to jail (and stays there) for a long long time. Is there any doubt in anyones mind that Ms. Cheyenne Cherry is a dangerous person? She is the personification of an animal-torturer who wouldnt think twice about torturing or even killing a person. This sorry excuse for a human being needs to be behind bars for life...and she probably will, life on "the installment plan," that is. She will be in-and-out for the rest of her life most probably, torturing animals on her "free-time" in-between sentences. She is out on bail and is probably torturing animals "as we speak." We must keep our eye on her (and her case(s) as they come along. Welcome Ms. Cheyenne Cherry to the Animal Abusers & Torturers Hall of Shame. We will not forget you, nor let you forget what you did, not EVER.



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