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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

On Wednesday May 27th, a pit bull in West Baltimore was doused in gasoline and set on fire as a crowd of onlookers watched. A police officer patrolling the area happened to come upon the scene and quickly sprang into action. Risking her own life, she put the flames out with her sweatshirt and got the dog immediate emergency care. Officer Teel later described the horrifying incident. She said she had never heard an animal actually scream in agony the way this dog had. Reports indicate that spectators were actually laughing as the dog burned. Phoenix, as she was later named, suffered burns on 98% of her body. Despite her extraordinary pain and cruel treatment, the veterinary staff reported that she was wagging her tail and trying to walk toward her caregivers for comfort even though the pads of her paws had been burned off. Sadly, her body was under such tremendous stress from her injuries that her kidneys began to shut down and four days after the incident, the doctors had to euthanize her.

On June 5th, two seventeen year old juveniles were arrested in connection with this crime. Over $26,000 has been donated to the Phoenix Reward Fund, a clear indication of the level of outrage the community feels toward this unthinkable act. We believe that these individuals should be tried as adults and if found guilty should be charged with felonies for malicious torture, serving the maximum time allowed. Research has proven that juveniles who abuse and torture animals frequently go on to commit violent acts against humans. Abusing animals is a never ending cycle of violence that must be stopped.

We, as your constituents, community members and concerned citizens, are requesting the harshest of penalties for those guilty of this heinous crime. We believe that even though these offenders are under age, they are capable of understanding the harm and pain that they have inflicted and must be punished accordingly. Together, as a community, we can send a message that animal abuse will not be tolerated, that we will not turn a blind eye to the pain inflicted upon the helpless. We will not let Phoenix’s suffering and subsequent death be in vain.



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