Declaration for the Protection of Cape Fur Seals of Southern Africa Petition

Sunday, 28 February 2010
Declaration for the Protection of Cape Fur Seals of Southern Africa Petition

Declaration for the Protection of Cape Fur Seals of Southern Africa

Under the United Nations World Charter for Nature. We the citizens of the world, are authorized and legally empowered to request the government's of South Africa, Namibia and Angola to accept their obligation to promote and protect the Cape fur seals. A marine mammal wildlife species, who under common international law is defined as rus nullius, belonging to nobody, and which is found nowhere else on earth.

This Declaration Petition seeks to combine all separate existing individual Petitions, which collectively have received the support of over 42 000 citizens in over 80 countries around the world.

To acknowledge that a marine mammal is not a fish, and that commercial fishing is not a legal right, if it endangers the marine eco-system in part or whole or any of the species survival within or is conducted in an unsustainable manner or diminishes current populations below their reproduction population level.

We require these governments to take the following steps to ensure the survival of this species, which was declared an endangered Appendix II species by the United Nations - Convention In Trade of Endangered Species (CITES) in 1977 :-

As this regions top marine predator, to include the seals consumption of fisheries necessary for their survival in all commercially sustainable fishery practices, bio-mass estimates and quotas, as a first priority.
Specifically, that not now or in the future their natural consumption of fish necessary for their survival be a factor never used against their continued protection.

To cease any and all interferences in seals foraging activities, migratory movement, breeding behaviour and endemic breeding habitats.
Specifically, in introducing legislation to protect specific seal islands, accounting for not less than 20 per cent of their former habitat by island and land area. To declare the surrounding sea in a 200km radius around each seal breeding habitat as a marine sanctuary with a no fishing or fishing boat entry policy.

To declare their population recorded by aerial population surveys in 2000 as the yardstick upon which all future conservation assessments will be based.
Specifically to acknowledge that is species is still recovering from over-exploitation and near extinction from the past centuries of human activity.

To cease any and all Seal Culls, Sealing, Seal Clubbing or any form of population control of this species living in an open marine eco-system.
Specifically, to end the annual cull of seal pups and bulls in Namibia and any forms of shoo-ing seals away from breeding habitat or any forms of seal shooting at sea, on land whether to safe-guard other species or for sport or for trophy hunting.

To abolish any and all forms of instruments or materials from commercial fishing practices that are harmful to the marine eco-system or each individual seal.
Specifically, to ban all instruments used to kill or disturb or frighten seals away using explosives, clubs, knives or fire-arms. To prevent all forms of non-biodegradable material being used in the fishing industry, which causes seal mutilation or entanglement or drowning.

To stop all live-capture or exports of live seals for display or amusement or research purposes.
Specifically seals captured for aquariums or zoos around the world.

To promote eco-tourism in a responsible way that does not interfere or disturb the natural behaviour of this species.
Specifically to quantity the value seals bring to the industry, the revenue generate, the number of visitors and the creation of jobs in a non-consumptive utilization of this resource.

To cease any and all invasion population surveys which involve capture, tagging, release, artificial marking or branding or which causes disturbance to the seal colony.
Specifically in regard to capturing baby seal pups still dependent and nursing, and attaching plastic or steel tags to their flippers.

To document and record all seal death's and to keep a public accessible database.
Specifically, any evidence of illegal activity must be fully investigated and appropriate fines, convictions or penalties implemented.

Under the United Nations World Charter for Nature, failure to uphold, enforce or implement any or all of the above Cape fur Seal Protection written Declarations, would empower We, the citizens of the world to take whatever lawful, legal or active processes, methods, activities or procedures to ensure the seals continued protection.

By signing this petition I authorize Francois Hugo and any of his organizations to implement whatever lawful activities is deemed necessary to protect the Cape fur seals in southern Africa.

We humbly and desperately ask all who see this lobby petition to sign it and pass it along to all of whom you might be acquainted.

For the Seals, I am

Francois Hugo Seal Alert-SA and Seal-Man


The Undersigned


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