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Monday, 1 February 2010
Injustice Brampton Dogs on Death Row ( to be killed on 5 February) - Free Them Now - The Petition Site

2 dogs are scheduled to be euthanized (killed) on February 5, 2010. They were taken from their owners by Brampton Animal Services without a warrant on the premise that the dogs in question "looked" like pitbulls. The linage of the dogs is boxer/american bulldog and has been confirmed by two vets. These animals do not fall under the current Breed Specific laws of Ontario.

Theses dogs have hurt no one and the owners have not broken any laws. One of the owners is a 75 year old woman who loves her dog Rambo and is her faithful companion. We can no longer stand by and allow Ontario municipal animal services to operate this way.

Full details can be found here:

After signing the petition please join our FB Group: Injustice Brampton Dogs on Death Row - Free Them Now to show your support. The families involved really appreciate it.

We the undersigned demand Brampton Animal Services, 475 Chrysler Drive, Brampton, ON, immediately return the dogs in their custody Rambo and Brittany to their rightful owners unharmed.

We feel that in no way these dogs are a threat to the general public and their owners have done no wrong. The Breed Specific law of Ontario has been misinterpreted in this case resulting in the unneeded suffering of the owners and their animals.


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