Justice for Coco - The Petition Site

Thursday, 18 February 2010
Justice for Coco - The Petition Site

We are trying our hardest to get our voice heard in every possible way we can. We are looking for support both in understanding what we are going through in our loss and also in helping us make a big scream so that we will be heard.

In dealing with the loss of our dog Coco who was shot by an officer, we want to ensure that this injustice will stop before it happens again to another dog and another family.In the fight that we are in we are fighting not only for Coco but for all the pit bulls and owners out there who get a bad wrap because of the breed they represent. We want people to see that the hate that is around for the "Bully Breed" is no warranted. We want to show that there are enough owners out there that will unite and who will stand strong in this fight. We need voices to count! All information and details pertaining to this issue/incident can be found on the sponsored by link. http://justiceforcoco.blogspot.com/


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