Stop cruelty to Spanish greyhounds (galgos) - The Petition Site

Sunday, 7 February 2010
Stop cruelty to Spanish greyhounds (galgos) - The Petition Site

You will find below the text of a Petition, initiated by Greyhounds in Need (GIN), addressed to the Spanish Government. It is especially important to bring this terrible cruelty to the fore at this time when Spain holds the Presidency of the Council of Europe.

The Treaties that form the European Community do not currently cover animal welfare so European-wide legislation is not possible and only the Spanish government can legislate to end the barbaric treatment of greyhounds in Spain.

Please add your signature to this Petition, before 30th April, 2010, so that we can show how widespread is European public concern.

Thank you,

Greyhounds in Need
33 High Street
Middlesex TW19 5DA (UK)




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