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Sunday, 21 February 2010
Protest against the Italian Dog Kennel Hells ! - The Petition Site

English version of the Petition. Petition will be updated soon with Italian Version:


We wish to strongly protest against the current system whereby kennels are subsidised per %u2018dog%u2019 and whereby the system is wide open for abuse. This abuse is widely recognised with several internet sites referring to the system of abuse. Your citizens are too afraid to report the abuse, because of the inherent threat of physical violence by those who are profiting from these heinous dog kennels.

Among Abuses reported but not limited to are:
01) No water in the kennel - God will provide!

02) No food in the kennel %u2013 God will provide!

03) The mortality reaching the level of 97%, like in the infamous kennel lager of Cicerale.

04) The fact that the animals don%u2019t get out of their cage for 14-15 years.

05) The fact that the puppies born in a cage die in a cage.

06) Bogus Ministerial inspections.

07) Bribes paid to those in political power in Rome who will %u2018kill off%u2019 any complaint from the public.

08) Disappearing documents: they can disappear like the documents of Cicerale suddenly dissolving into thin air.

09) Corrupt Carabinieri, NAS and/or the police.

10) Corrupt judged, offering jobs to relatives.

11) When kennels are closed, the %u2018owner%u2019 simply moves it! An example: Calasso, who moved the dogs from Cicerale to a place called Cir� Marina, in Calabria, 400 kilometres away.

12) Inhumane transporting of the dogs: Sick or blind or dying pile them up in a big van, they will be alright, and if they die it is the will of God: the Lord gives life and takes it away.

13) Dogs left to literally rot in their cages, in their own faeces: then eating the dogs eat the carcasses!

14) No medical attention provided: Broken bones, open wounds, festering abscesses, bleeding wounds.

15) No dipping of dogs infected with mange: The terrible agony as the parasites eat away %u2013 and infecting other dogs.

16) If there is not enough dogs then the kennel owners allow litter upon litter of puppies %u2013 as your current subsidy works on %u2018er dog%u2019 system

17) Little to nil access to the public for adoption viewing. Any dog adopted will reduce the subsidy value received from the local municipality!

What is very clear from the above facts is that this %u2018subsidy%u2019 system is wide open to abuse, and that criminal elements in Italy are now the de facto kennel owners.
01) We ask you to immediately investigate this corrupt system %u2013 to change the law.

02) We ask you to immediately send in impartial inspectors (not corrupt and bribed law officers) to report on every kennel in Italy.

03) We ask you to immediately shut down all of these %u2018bogus%u2019 kennels and have the animals removed to legitimate kennels %u2013 we can provide you with a list of such kennels.

04) We ask you to PUBLICLY condemn this system of animal abuse: If you do not, it clearly means you condone this abuse!
We hereby inform you that we will run a massive internet campaign to boycott tourism of Italy and all Italian products until the government of Italy has shown not only that it has the will to enforce the animal protection laws of Italy BUT also to root out the corruption and bribery system endemic in your municipalities.


Agriculture, Food and Forestry

Via XX Settembre, 20 - 00187 ROMA

Tel: ( 39) 06.46651



Via Arenula, 70 - 00186 ROMA

Tel: ( 39) 06.68851



Labor and Social Policy

Via Veneto 56 - 00187 ROMA

Tel: ( 39) 06 6831

Officer: ( 39) 06.48161451-2




Via della Ferratella in Laterano, 51 - 00184 ROMA

Switchboard: Tel 06/455321

Tel. Minister Secretariat: Tel 06/455326960 06/455326960

Email Press Office


Animalista Opposition Party of Italy




His Holiness: Pope Pope Benedict XVI

As the Vatican does not respond to emails (neither the Cardinals nor the Pope) this petition will be hand delivered to the Vatican. And here we talk with authority. The Vatican never ever replied to any of the hundreds of emails sent to the pope and to various cardinals re the Burning of Live Bulls in Soria - Spain.


We reserve the right to add to the recipient list at the time of closing the petition. The space provided in the 'Target' section is not adequate to list all parties who could raise their voices against this heinous kennel system of Italy.

We thank you for your signatures and we ask you to publicise this petition all over the internet. Email you contacts, post in groups on the internet, post in forums. Please do whatever you can to spread the word.

With gratitude,

Eureka Morrison

Group Host of: Italian Kennel Hell at Care2. The link to the group:


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