Justice for the cats at Salamanca's cemetery!!!! - The Petition Site

Monday, 30 August 2010
Justice for the cats at Salamanca's cemetery!!!! - The Petition Site

The content of this petition could be the a movie plot. It's too merciless, sadistic, mean and surreal to be based on a true story. Unfortunately, this Schindler's List meets The Godfather is happening right now. The title of this motion picture could be: Massacre at the cemetery of Salamanca.

This Spanish cemetery has enjoyed the presence of some beautiful guests for 30 years: cats. It was their mission to keep the place clean of rodents and vermin and, apparently, they all delivered.

During the last years some members of the NGO ASPAP (Asociacion Salmantina Protectora de Animales y Plantas) have been feeding and providing veterinary care for all these felines (it goes without saying that they weren't provided with financial aid). Once again, an unanswered request to the City Council to neuter and spay the cat population, forced the dedicated voluntaries to handle the situation on a shoestring.

So far, we have the setting, the main characters, the supporting actors. What's missing from the picture? The bad guys, of course. In this particular case, the psychopa.. I mean the very bad guys are Parque Cementerio de Salamanca S.L. Since these vindictive, heartless people took charge of the cemetery, cats were mysteriously injured, mutilated and killed.

Soon it became clear that their purpose if wasn't only cat extermination, they hated these little felines and enjoyed killing them in the most sadistic ways: decapitation, evisceration, hitting, stabbing, suffocation, among other things. They argued in their defence that cats contributed to the dirtiness of the place urinating on the graves (which is a blatant lie to everyone who knows cat nature). These people pointed out, as well, that cats were a constant nuisance to visitors, but as ASPAP members can confirm, many of these visitors congratulated this NGO on their work, and as a result of this interaction, even some membership were attracted.

Nevertheless, the plot thickens. For the last few days the level of cruelty has reached a new level. Not only food and water gets mysteriously removed, but the killings are even more brutal than ever. Every now and then small cat corpses appear in strange positions at plain sight, left strategically where activist can easily find them. Instead of a inhumane and despicable culling, these abominable, morally depraved acts seem to be some kind of vendetta against all the animal lovers who are fruitlessly trying to save their lives.

How many mafia movies ring the bell so far?

Please, don't leave the movie theatre, this terror movie is not over yet. This time, the ending depends partly on us. We cannot save the cats who died, but we can cry out for justice and try to save the few ones left.

Even though legal action has been taken by ASPAP, Spain has not the best record as far as animal welfare is concerned. Maybe if this terrible massacre comes out and the whole world condemns it taking action against Salamanca (and their precious tourism is at stake), the killers may be punished and the survivor cats still stand a chance

Please, sign this petition and send a letter to the City Council (medioambiente@aytosalamanca.es), the local newspaper La Gaceta Regional de Salamanca (salamanca@lagacetadesalamanca.com) and the Cemetery Administration (sancarlos@parquecem.com), condemning their indifference to this massacre and expressing your views on this unforgivable and unforgettable abominable act of medieval animal cruelty.

You can also follow the event on Facebook
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As a Spanish animal lover I cannot begin to express how sad, ashamed, angry and frustrated I feel. Only when I think that Spain cannot sink any lower, another act of ignorance, insensitivity and viciousness strikes back.. going unpunished!

A few days ago, the whole world spoke for the voiceless cat Lola, now I ask you on behalf of all the not-so-famous cats of Salamanca, to be their voice as well. Please, help them!! Justice for the cats of Salamanca's cemetery!



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