Thursday, 19 August 2010

A Robeson County couple where on their way to the Animal urgent care at 3635 Sycamore Dairy Rd, Fayetteville NC, when less than two blocks away they where pulled over by Fayetteville Police Officer R. G. Ferguson for the tint on the windows of their car being too dark. They rolled down all windows as the officer approached and the officer said " you dont have a killer dog in there do ya?" they advised him the dogs was seizing and needed to get to the vet which was located around the corner, asking that the officer follow them there and continue with giving them the ticket at that location so the dog could been seen as soon as possible. Officer Ferguson refused to let them drive off, saying he had never heard of an emergency vet in Fayetteville, took their licenses and proceeded to sit in his car for twenty minutes. He then walked back to the car, stuck a tint measuring machine to the windows, then went back to his car where he wrote out tickets, the driver was not licensed but did have a permit with restricted driving yet the officer told them if they pulled away they would be at risk of being arrested. The driver pulled into a parking space where officer Ferguson then pulled into the space next to them, sat there for twenty more minutes until the dog took her last breath, then he drove away. The couple of course rushed over to the Animal Urgent care where their dog was pronounced dead just moments later by an employee named Kim. The gentlemen, Mr. Thompson of Lumberton, NC called the police department and spoke with Fergusons Sergent who stated that they where all animal lovers but that Ferguson had done nothing wrong. Officer Ferguson should be held accountable for his actions, this IS a form of animal neglect and abuse and I feel he should be charged for allowing a dog to suffer. This information has been passed on to PETA and the HSUS. The only thing that stopped that officer from allowing them to continue was his power trip he feels from wearing that badge. PLEASE email or call the Fayetteville police department and ask that Officer Ferguson be required to attend an animal empathy class so that he understands the importance of dogs as family members .. and the police departments motto is " Be the best of the badge", did he do his best?
You can calll Chief Tom Bergamine at (910) 433-1819 UPDATE*** I received an email from the Sgt who is over the complaints for the department he is looking into the situation!! Sgt. P. Brewington Office of Professional Standards Fayetteville Police Department (910)433-1823Please call him and let him know your thoughts on the lack of compassion from this officer for a dying animal

It has come to our attention that on Sunday, July 25th your officer R. G. Ferguson pulled a couple for having dark tint on their windows. The couple explained they where trying to get their dog who was in obvious distress, to the emergency vet that was right around the corner. Not only did officer Ferguson refuse to allow them to get their dog the medical attention she required, he held them for over 45 minutes while he knew the dog was laying there suffering. By North Carolina law officer Ferguson committed the crimes of animal abuse and neglect. We hope the Fayetteville police department will not take this matter lightly. We are asking that officer Ferguson be suspended without pay while a full investigation into his actions is preformed. "Be the badge"? Is that what he was doing that day? Protecting and serving? There was a living being there who needed to be protected and he stood by and did nothing. The couple does not deny the reasoning for their being pulled however, when questioned, every officer we spoke to responded that they would have escorted the couple to the vet and handle the situation from there. Emergency services even for animals should be common knowledge for a police officer, to claim he did not know of any emergency vet in town is no excuse, the dog was obviously in distress and died due to his lack of compassion. A life was ended and a family had to explain to their two year old son why his doggie was never coming home again.
Most dogs who suffer seizures are able to pull through when given the proper medical attention. This whole situation could have been prevented had officer Ferguson just followed the couple right around the corner to the vet. This clinic has been in operation for many years and is on a main road in fayetteville, for the officer to not know of its existence shows that he has never had any apparent concern for ANY animal in your community



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