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Sunday, 15 August 2010
Coweta County Commissioners and Voters - The Petition Site

From: Members of "Justice for Old Yeller"

There are serious problems at the Coweta County Animal Control. The true horror story of one specific dog, we call Old Yeller, highlights this problem. The lack of decency and simple human compassion was the case where a suffering animal was allowed to lay in pain for several days without receiving medical attention or basic care is truly sickening. How can this be allowed to happen? This animal could have been rescued and taken from the shelter but they did not allow it. In fact, at one point, they told the president of the Georgia Humane Society that he was dead on Monday morning and when someone else called a different employee said he was alive.
There were many people who did nothing to help him and some who blocked others from extending a loving hand to Old Yeller. This behavior can not be allowed to continue another day. You have the ability to change this now. The voters have the ability to change their State Representatives and Senators to those with more compassion. We sincerely hope you will act immediately to address this terrible treatment of animals in your county shelter.

We, the undersigned, urge you to start an immediate investigation into the circumstances that allowed a dog with 4 broken legs and a broken jaw, to lay in his cage in Coweta County Animal Control, with NO medical attention, unable to eat food or drink water from Thursday Aug. 5 to Monday, August 9th There was no way to save him by the time a rescue picked him up on Monday. Where was the simple human compassion for that suffering dog ? This callous behavior can not be possibly be acceptable to you or any of the voters in Coweta County.
In spite of rescues offering to come and care for this dog, he remained in his cage, in pain and unable to move. We implore you to make changes that will stop this from ever happening again. Please do something to change this system that shows no compassion now.
Old Yeller did not deserve the pain and suffering that they allowed him to endure. No living animal deserves to die like that. Please fix this broken system before it happens again. This is such a terrible way to treat animals who need help.



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