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Sunday, 15 August 2010
Ban Greyhound Racing in Australia - The Petition Site

It is of no surprise, that within an industry that promotes a disengagement from true animal worth and is motivated by financial gain, a substantial degree of suffering and neglect is likely to arise. Breeders may kill or abandon puppies they deem unsuitable for racing, or dogs that ‘wash out’ after failing to succeed in racing events.

In fact, according to figures for 2009 (the latest available) issued by Greyhounds Australasia Ltd, greyhounds named = 12,115, litters whelped = 2,988.

This means that in 2009, there were 2,988 litters of greyhounds born.
It is generally accepted that, on average, greyhound have 8 pups per litter.
Thus, from 2,988 litters, there should be about 23,904 pups.
"Greyhounds named" means greyhound pups registered by the racing industry (when they are given a racing name).
In 2009 12,115 were named, so what has happened to the remaining 11,789?
Furthermore, racing greyhounds sustain a number of injuries and diseases rarely seen in other breeds due to the demands of racing, such as right hock fractures and bone disease. When racers are no longing winning, they are downwardly discarded through the racing system until they are no longer financially worthy of housing at any racing level. As a result of such diminished economic viability coupled with their perceived objectified status, the racers are replaced and disposed of. Disposal of greyhounds varies considerably, from euthanasia at local pounds to the evident supply of greyhounds to universities for research and teaching purposes.

It is time: you have the power to change the future of the magnificent greyhound. By boycotting all greyhound events and tracks, you can diminish the monetary supply through which greyhound racing is sustained. BE THEIR VOICE AND STOP THE EXPLOITATION OF GREYHOUNDS NOW…



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