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Monday, 16 August 2010
Please help the Animals in the Danish Agriculture - The Petition Site

Denmark has one of the biggest farm industries in the world. These animals live under very bad conditions.

Small pigs and calves are removed from their mothers. Cows and pigs live in bases where they cannot turn around. Slat calves and battery hens.

More than 30,000 dairy cows are killed each year "before time" because of neglect.

Pigs are being mistreated on the way to the slaughterhouse as they are loaded on trucks because slaughterhouses reward the farmers that provide quick loading.

Horses are sent to slaughterhouses abroad and endure extremely long transport times, with the result that many die of thirst and stress. The rest are more or less crippled.
Sheep are transported in a similar way to horses.

In less than one month, we have read about:

Piglets, who starved and dehydrated started to eat each other alive. Piglets, who are drowned in the stools, and piglets are transported thousands of miles with broken bones.

Hundreds of Danish pigs are beaten before they end up as roast pork on the dinner table.
Iron pipes, boards, chains and even a tattoo hammer are just some of the things that used to disfigure the pigs.

Millions of pigs killed for meat each year. They will be neutered and will have their ears chopped into, without the use of painkillers, they will be filled with medicine to their life and they will grow up in conditions that would otherwise kill them. Stripped of everything that is natural for them to be pigs in factory farms held inside the narrow metal stalls in dirty stall.

Please watch all pictures in this link
and watch this video

Hundreds of sheep carrying two years have been neglected. Several have died this summer of thirst. The sheep stood in 25 degree heat without access to water. They were emaciated and many were so severe hoof disorders that they could not stand on their feet.

At one farm was found dead cows, dying animals, inadequate access to food, lack of water, deep litter, which was so deep that the cattle sank deep into it, and manure on a large area rose above the columns in the barn.

A recurring problem in horses is lack of hoof care. We see today more and more horses with hooves so-called trunk. It's hooves are overgrown extremely long due to lack of pruning through a very long time, maybe years. They are virtually impossible to correct and unfortunately it has cost some horses - and donkeys - life.

About six and a half million chickens have over 2010's first seven months had serious sear wounds on their feet because they have been close in their own urine and feces ..

Geese plucked alive to Danish duvets
Geese are under severe pain plucked while still alive. And when the feathers grew out again, do the same thing four times. Feathers from live geese make up a large proportion of all duvets of goose.

Additionally, a lot of wildlife pups killed by large farm machinery and agriculture minister has said no to allocate money for a project that could save many animal babies from being chopped to minced meat in agricultural machinery.

Denmark has a animal law:

Animal Protection Act Section 1 and 2

Animals must be treated securely and protected as possible against the pain, suffering, distress, lasting harm and substantial disadvantage.

Anyone who keeps animals must ensure that they are treated lovingly, including that they housed, fed, watered and cared for according to their physiological, behavioral and health needs in accordance with established experience and scientific knowledge.

This is not respected.

Please help the animals and sign. Thank you


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