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Sunday, 29 March 2009

1. Two dogs were beheaded in front of television cameras.
2. During carnival and religious celebrations, hundreds of wild endangered species animals are sacrificed, for festive clothing, renewed each year.
3. A sub-lieutenant of the army brutally assassinates a dog, during a training session in knife-stabbing. (watch video, WARNING: don't if you are sensitive, at:
4. The military skin a live crocodile. (watch video, WARNING: don't if you are sensitive, at: http://www.4shared.com/file/95028168/faba88f5/Ej-Bolivia_Crocodilo1.html)
5. In a macabre ritual, military disembowel a live dog. (watch video, WARNING: don't if you are sensitive, at: http://www.4shared.com/file/95028491/235ee75/Ej-Bolivia_DestripanPerro-Ritual.html)

6. Voluntary workers for SAR-FAB (Bolivian Air Force), abuse street dogs. (see photo at http://lh4.ggpht.com/_qLY0hpYFeDA/ScxvfkvRCUI/AAAAAAAAEB4/-v5Fwm7VyR4/SAR-FAB1.jpg )
7. A dog is tortured and crucified, no one knows why or by whom. (see photos at http://picasaweb.google.com/surell/Bolivia?feat=directlink)
8. It is customary practice of the Cochabamba Municipal Kennel's personnel (Zoonosis), to abandon the animals during week-ends, without water or food. They now threaten to kill 8 dogs, left in deplorable conditions this past week-end. It was discovered that the Zoonosis Chief's dog had his ears and tail brutally cut off (with untreated wounds), for "experiments" and because "I can do whatever I want with my dog" (actual quote). Even dogs with owners looking desperately for them, mysteriously "disappear".
9. At Solomon Klein Hospital in Cochabamba, 3,000 anti-rabies vaccines were burnt, which made the municipal veterinarians come out and start killing every dog, covering up the vaccine disaster to SEDES (Government Health Officials).
10. Cats and dogs which present a nuisance, or are no longer wanted, are simply hung by the neck in houses or trees, in sight of everyone.11. All kinds and species of animals are poisoned throughout the year, with strychnine, thus forming a "death chain", endangering public health and damaging the environment - this goes on in Sucre, Potosi, Oruro, Cochabamba, Las Minas and other departments.
For all this and much more, and for a Law of Animal Protection to be finally enforced in Bolivia, which will punish animal abusers as criminals, please sign this Petition, which will be presented with a Letter to President Evo Morales and his government.(You can download the Letter, in Spanish, at http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=ddt7m49x_2247pcn2g8)



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