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Friday, 27 March 2009

Dear animal lover,
In Europe stray dogs and cats suffer tremendous torments each day — they are hunted and maltreated, beaten up and poisoned; they are caught and kept in so-called »animal shelters« that provide no escape: in these camps thousands of stray animals are penned up to meet a cruel death. Despite the existence of animal protection laws stray animals have become a questionable source of income in many European countries: their capture, custody and killing offer good business opportunities by involving public money originally designated to improve the stray animals situation.EU parliamentarians Alain Hutchinson, David Hammerstein and Neil Parish have written a declaration on the welfare of pets and stray animals (PDF).
The declaration claims hard punishment for abandoning and maltreating pets and stray animals.EU Member States are requested to commit themselves to regulate the overpopulation of stray animals and to lay sterilization and vaccination down in law and to implement them accordingly. A vote on this declaration will be held in EU parliament shortly — the time limit to sign this declaration is May 7th, 2009.It is crucial that a majority of the EU parliamentarians’ votes are obtained for this declaration. Please support us by asking EU parliamentarians to sign this petition!

Dear Member of the EU Parliament, With my signature I express my support of the written declaration on the welfare of pets and stray animals pursuant to Rule 116 of the Rules of Procedure by Alain Hutchinson, David Hammerstein and Neil Parish on the welfare of pets and stray animals in all EU Member States, EU accession countries and other European countries.
I ask you insistently to sign this declaration in order to support the animal protection law as proposed. I consider this declaration not only as an act of humanity but as a necessary action in a modern and forward-looking Europe. Knowing which parties and parliamentarians plead for animal protection issues considerably influences my electoral behaviour.

Thank you very much indeed!

Please forward this petition to friends and colleagues!



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