Please allow Poppy to live out his natural life.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Poppy lives at Apple Tree Mobile Home Park in New Castle Colorado with his canine companions, Bella and Boots, and his human family.  Recently, the management of Apple Tree announced that only one dog per mobile home would be allowed. Because Poppy's family had two dogs before moving, they had secured permission for two dogs, in writing, prior to the move.  They were sure that after explaining how they had come to have another, permission would be granted to keep all three.

Unfortunately, the management of Apple Tree did not agree.  They recognized that the family was "Grandfathered" and could keep two, but a third would have to go.  The family suggested that Poppy, at age 15 years, deaf, and with a heart condition, should be allowed to live out his natural life and no other dogs would be added.  The other two dogs, both 5 years old, would be kept as the two dogs the family is allowed.  Again, the management of Apple Tree did not agree.  

The family has been told that they must produce a Veterinary receipt for the euthanization of Poppy within 30 days or face eviction.  They do not have the money for a court fight, nor do they have the money to move their mobile home, yet they are desperate to save Poppy.  Please help us convince  the management of Apple Tree Mobile Home park to reconsider and allow Poppy to live out his natural life. 



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