Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Back in 2004, a bill was introduced in the New York State Legislature that would prohibit the slaughter of horses in New York State. The bill, S. 380, was passed in the Senate by a vote of 59-1, yet, the bill was stalled and finally died in the Agricultural Committee, held up there by its pro-slaughter Chairman, William MaGee, a "meat-industry" politician. http://assembly.state.ny.us/mem/?ad=111 New Yorkers, this is an great injustice not only to the horses of New York but to US as citizens of New York. We urged our representatives to push S. 380 through and they did. Why is this not law? Thankfully, S. 380 was reintroduced in January 2009 and is currently pending a vote in the New York State Assembly, and the new number is A3736. Please, horse-loving New Yorkers, take action on this matter and contact your New York State Assemblymen and let them know you VOTE and are strongly opposed to horse slaughter. Below is a link to a directory of all of our state assemblymen complete with links to their emails. Please do contact your assembly-member and let them know you support A3736, New Yorks Anti-Horse Slaughter Bill. New Yorkers, lets get'er done this time! New York State Assembly Member Directory with emails;http://www.assembly.state.ny.us/mem/?sh=email
We must not be content with emails. They are too easy to forget. We are hoping the horse-loving community of New York will bombard the Assembly with letters & faxes. We have compiled a sample letter for you to cut and paste. Of course, you can feel free to change it around or modify it any way that suits you. The main thing is to remind them that you vote and to let them know you are against horse slaughter and support A3736. Send your letters in snail mail and fax them as well. We need to have our voices heard once again loud and clear if we are going to get this bill into law. --------------------------------------------------Dear Assembly-member _______________, I am a voter in your district and am writing in regards to a bill introduced in the Assembly last January, 2009. The bill is A3736, which would prohibit the slaughter of our New York horses for human consumption abroad. It would also prohibit their exportation abroad for slaughter. New York voters have spoken on this matter loud and clear when, back in 2004, through our representatives, an anti-horse slaughter bill passed in the Senate by a vote of 59 to 1! On a National level, we have been trying to push a bill through Congress for over a decade now, and, like our anti-horse slaughter bills in New York, the bills pass by majority votes but always die in committee. Americans do not eat horses. Polls taken over the years have consistantly shown that the majority of Americans are against it by margins of %63-85. Yet, America remains the worlds largest exporter of live horses for slaughter and human consumption abroad. Slaughter is not a "humane euthansia" as supporters of slaughter claim it is. Slaughter is a horror reserved for food-chain animals only, and by its very nature, is NEVER humane. Supporters of horse-slaughter will argue that the horse is no different than any other farm animal, and wonder why we think the horse so special that it should be exempted from slaughter for human consumption. The crutial difference between a horse and any other farm animal is this: The USDA has a list of "officially approved" food chain animals, and the horse (nor our dogs or our cats) are on that list. We want to keep it that way, thats all. It really is that simple. Please help us to keep New York horses safe from slaughter and exportation for slaughter. Vote YES to A3736 and help get it into law. New Yorkers have already spoken on this matter when their representatives voted 59-1 against horse slaughter in 2004. Please help us to see to it the will of the people of New York is finally served. Vote YES to A3736 and just say NO to slaughter!Thanking you in advance for any consideration you may give this matter. Sincerley,
Also, here is a link to Assembly-member Deborah J. Glick (66th District / NYC) who submitted A3736. It would be good to contact her and let her know how much we appreciate her NOT dropping the ball on our efforts to protect New Yorks horses from slaughter. http://assembly.state.ny.us/mem/?ad=066&sh=con
Thank you signers for taking the time, but most of all, for caring about the horses of our state.



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