Bassethound Babyboy was shot & killed by neighbor - The Petition Site

Friday, 6 March 2009
Bassethound Babyboy was shot & killed by neighbor - The Petition Site

On the evening of Saturday June 28, 2008, the family of Lynn Davis', lives were changed. Their little bassett hound, Babyboy, slipped out of the safety of his backyard. Moments later a neighbor came to the Davis' front door to report their precious little dog was hurt. Another neighbor, , had shot and killed Babyboy. Surrounded by a crowd of people, Terri picked up his lifeless little body screaming to God, as tears ran down her face. At that point she didn't know how babyboy had died. They brought him home and it was then, as they looked him over, that they found the bullet hole. Delawder was part of the crowd that surrounded Terri. He was asking if, "Anyone had seen anything." In other words, he was acting like he had no knowledge of the shooting. When the police arrived he lied to them. It was after Mr. Delawder contacted his attorney, (2 hours later) he admitted to shooting the Davis family dog. His excuse? He stated he had every right to shoot the dog to protect his cats. It is suspected that his cats, (if there really are any) are locked in an unventilated box in his backyard. In which case, not only is he guilty of a crime by shooting the dog, he is also guilty of animal abuse. Alabama state law made it a class C felony in the year of 2001: Title 13A. Criminal Code. Chapter 11. Offenses Against Order and Safety. Article 1. Offenses Against Public Order and Decency. § 13A-11-14. Cruelty to animals. Section 13A-11-240. Definitions. Section 13A-11-241. Cruelty in first and second degrees. 13A-11-14. Cruelty to Animals. (a) A person commits the crime of cruelty to animals if, except as otherwise authorized by law, he intentionally or recklessly: (1) Subjects any animal to cruel mistreatment; or (2) Subjects any animal in his custody to cruel neglect; or (3) Kills or injures without good cause any animal belonging to another. (b) Cruelty to animals is a Class B misdemeanor. (Acts 1977, No. 607, p. 812, § 5565.) 13A-11-240. Definitions. (a) The word "torture" as used in this article shall mean the act of doing physical injury to a dog or cat by the infliction of inhumane treatment or gross physical abuse meant to cause said animal intensive or prolonged pain or serious physical injury, or thereby causing death due to said act.(b) The word "cruel" as used in this article shall mean: Every act, omission, or neglect, including abandonment, where unnecessary or unjustifiable pain or suffering, including abandonment, is caused or where unnecessary pain or suffering is allowed to continue. (c) The words "dog or cat" as used in this article shall mean any domesticated member of the dog or cat family. (Act 2000-615, p. 1252, § 1.) This petition is to urge the magistrate and police of Odenville, AL to take action. Help us bring the town of Odenville, Alabama, to task, for failing to uphold the law. Help us get this man prosecuted for his CRIME. Thank you all, for your support.



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