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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Please sign this petition to request that Assistant District Attorney (ADA) Jacob Kaplan, Judge Steven Barrett and all eight Bronx City Council Members: Maria del Carmen Arroyo, Maria Baez, Helen D. Foster, G. Oliver Koppell, Annabel Palma, Joel Rivera, Larry B. Seabrook, James Vacca to please send a strong message to the community that ANIMAL FIGHTING NEEDS TO STOP!We would like to ask the ADA and Judge to insure that the defendants below be given no plea deals and instead receive the maximum punishment allowed by law.We would also like to request that Judge Barrett forbid any further defense delay tactics, i.e. "defendants who can't attend court due to flat tires and soar throats" ... These truly are shameful excuses! Finally, we ask that all eight Bronx Council Members listed above to educate themselves on their community by reading the articles below. Our hope is that they take action and insist on more NYPD enforcement against dog and cock fighting and to also create awareness that these unspeakable crimes will not be tolerated!



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