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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Ancol recreation park, Jakarta, is supposed to be a sweet recreation place but is in fact responsible for a lot of animal suffering: at present cats are captured and relocated to the cages at the jalan harsono.
After JAAN found out what is truly happening in Ancol JAAN interviewed varios shop owners and visitors throughout Ancol. Only 20% of the people knew that cats were relocated, they said that the cats were brought to ragunan where better care is provided. This is untrue.
In fact, the cats are relocated to Jalan Harsono in South Jakarta, the Dinas peternakan building where they will be terminated.
Instead, Ancol management could cooperate with NGO's like JAAN in order to strive for a humane solution. JAAN has offered Ancol this option but they still choose to just continue with the mass culling of the stray cats in Ancol. Besides that the suffering of the cats who are left to die slowly, starving of hunger and stress and wounds inflicted on each other while caged, this also doesn't provide a solution to the big amount of stray cats in the area. This mass culling will not reduce the stray cat population as other cats will replace the territories of the cats that have been removed. It seems that Ancol has not done its homework and just wants to seek a quick and inhumane way of getting rid of the cats in Ancol area.
JAAN opposes this mass culling and is calling out for a protest;
sign our petition and also please SEND AN EMAIL TODAY to the Ancol management in which you can express your thoughts on their mass cat culling programme and ask them to reply to you!
Call Ancol at :(62-21) 645 3456, or 645 4567
Fax Ancol at : (62-21) 647 10502
Email Ancol :



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