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Sunday, 17 May 2009
Don't Let Lucy's death be in vain! - The Petition Site: "Lucy, a two year old Shar-pei mix was being fostered by ARK for another animal shelter, Safe Haven, Cameron, MO. Lucy escaped the enclosed area through a hole in the fence. For over 1.5 hours I tried to recapture Lucy, but I was not able to before I had to leave for an appointment. When I returned home I found Lucy lying at the inside back door of my house on my back porch where Lucy had returned after being shot. Lucy bled out at my back door.
A witness who saw where Lucy came running from after the shot was heard, was very reluctant to come forward for fear of their own dog's safety and their own safety. Lucy should not have suffered this horrific death. Nothing was done. Police were called, but due to no actual "witness" they could not do anything. The St. Joseph Channel 2 news team was out and filmed the area, the St. Joseph News Press did a story, The Albany Ledger did a story. Why does this type of killing go unpunished? Why are not the laws of cities enforced? Because no one wants to stand up for the innocent animals that are killed daily by some "brute" who has no qualms about killing other peoples' pets. The individual suspected for this shooting has actually pulled a gun on me. Nothing is ever done. This continues in this area and something needs to be done. These individuals should not be allowed to take the law into their own hands. Isn't that why we have law inforcement we pay to protect us? Please sign this petition so Lucy did not die in vain."


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