Saturday, 2 May 2009


Some week ago, OIPA received a report about a traffic of wild animals in the Goiânia zoo, capital of the State of Goiás, Brazil. Goiânia seems the center of abuse on animals: this is the second time that OIPA informs the world about the cruelty on animals in this Brazilian city.This report arrived us by Maria de Lourdes França Rabelo, President of the association in defense of environment “Biodefesa” (www.biodefesa.org.br).Maria de Lourdes was the Director of Environment Education for the zoo, she was exempt because she was going to fight the traffic of wild animals. The president of the ONG Biodefesa, said that since some years the animals die or disappear. In a message sent to OIPA, she states: “In a week, I have seen traffic of animals in the light of the day: into a trunk or crammed over a lorry. I was able to verify that there was not a regular permission from Ibama (Brazilian Environmental Institute for Natural Resources). During the night the traffic is intensified, there were 150 parrots into a big enclosure that disappeared during a night. There were more than 4.000 animals into the zoo, today there are about 200. I were able to take some pictures about ill-treatments, I have got a cd with evidences of a traffic of toucans and snakes. I have documentation about the death of more tha 17 cobras in only one day. The worse thing was to discover that during one day 42 animals died”.

The latest event that shocked people in Goiânia was the mysterious death of a ippopotamo in the zoo, it comed after the mysterious death of a pantera, and the disappearance of 4 chimpanzees.The Director of the zoo, Rafael Cupertino, doesn’t give explanations about the facts and the President of “Biodefesa” thinks that animals are died after being sold such as stuff for collectors and she suspects that the bodies are used for the traffic of drugs. In the letter she said that she did all the reports to the Brazilian Public authorities , (Prefecture of Goiânia, Public Department, Ibama Institute and Federal Police) but they were not interested into the matter .Maria de Lourdes charges mainly, an Official of the Public Department that has the evidences but refuses to take measures. This Official was not interested in animals. In a second moment the Official said to a local paper “Diário da Manhã” that she never saw abuses into the zoo. The photos show, without doubt, the abuses that are perpetrated on the animals.Please, send a mail to the Brazilian authorities and ask them to investigate on the reports done about the traffic of wild animals in Goiânia zoo and ask them to investigate about the death of animals; people who abuse animals have to be prosecuted.



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