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Wednesday, 6 May 2009
Salvemos a los Animales de Coiba en Panama - The Petition Site

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Coiba National Park, located on the Pacific coast of the province of Veraguas, Republic of Panama, is considered World Heritage by UNESCO in July 2005 for its extensive marine ecosystem, and coastal islands. Earlier this nature reserve was a penal colony until the July 26, 2004, Law No.44, became the Coiba National Park.

At that time a group of cattle that were meant for the consumption of the defendants, was negligently forgotten in a place and have been reproduced by nature to become 2029 in total. Unfortunately, for lack of attention to grass, since there are no more people to keep the wild cattle must be moved to forested areas in search of food to survive and have innocently negatively impacting the area and therefore may affect the reefs coral.

The Ministry of Agricultural Development of Panama (MIDA) has commented that the solution to this problem is the slaughter of cattle. We protectors of animals and nature, we raise our voice for the MIDA and the competent authorities of the Republic of Panama to find alternative solutions free of cruelty and injustice of this situation, which could be avoided if proper organization was applied at the right time. Make a request to seek humanitarian solutions for these living beings who only follow their instinct of survival which were exposed by human negligence. It is unacceptable for a location to preserve and protect nature and wildlife, is the scene of such a contradiction.
Are 2029 cattle, 200 dogs, 18 pigs, 15 buffalo, mules and 4. We refuse to allow methods of environmental protection and nature which are against animal life, and vice versa. On the contrary, we demand protection methods and harmonious balance between nature-Life% u2013Vida animal. This firm belief that there are better options to resolve this situation.


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