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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Boost Euthanized for no reason - The Petition Site

Jasper, AL - Marcus Campbell was relieved to find out his lost boxer, named Boost, had been found Tuesday. The dog was at the Humane Society in Walker County, and Campbell was there to claim him the next morning before the doors even opened.

"She asked what I needed, and I said, 'I'm here to pick up my dog that you got in at 4 o'clock.' She said, 'The only dog we got in at 4 o'clock was the boxer dog that an old couple brought in.' I said, 'Yes, ma'am. That's him,' and she said, 'Wedone put him to sleep.'"

Campbell was too late. Boost was gone. Humane Society Executive Director Lane Reno says the dog came in at 4 and was put down by 4:30. At first, she thought the dog was a pit bull or pit bull mix, and says in those 30 minutes, her staff quickly evaluated Boost's temperament
"We can have any individual bring a dog in. It's a family pet. It's never bitten anybody. It's really nice, but I guarantee you if it tries to bite one of us while we're reaching for it, we cannot and will not put that animal up for adoption."

She says the 55 cages were already full, leaving no room for the moody boxer as the business day came to a close. The lack of space has become quite the issue as more and more strays are dropped off.

But Campbell maintains his dog was well behaved and was not a stray.

"It had a collar, and it was well fed. She should have known it was somebody's dog."

Campbell has hired an attorney because he believes there's a chance the full bred Boost may have been sold. Reno denies that accusation. Meanwhile, the Humane Society's board plans to meet with Walker County leaders to discuss getting some type of animal control for the unincoporated areas of Walker County.

The goal of this petition is for reformation of the Walker County Humane Society. We would like to see the law followed by the Walker County Humane Society as well as by its employees.

We first made attempts to contact board members of the Walker County Humane Society to remedy this situation, but once we saw these members were choosing to only listen to Lane Reno's side of the story, we decided to go public with the truth about the Walker County Humane Society.


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