Stop Cats From Being Gassed to Death at Coastal Animal Services, North Cowichan, BC

Friday, 8 May 2009
Stop Cats From Being Gassed to Death at Coastal Animal Services, North Cowichan, BC

Coastal Animal Services Ltd has provided animal control services and pound facilities for North Cowichan since 1975. It is time they stopped using the notorious and archaic gas box to destroy unwanted cats, young and old as well as feral cats and kittens. For years, animal control agencies and shelters have destroyed unwanted cats by asphyxiating them to death with carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide gas in the gas box. Thankfully, many animal control operators have now changed their euthanasia protocol by taking unwanted cats to veterinary clinics for lethal injection, or by having animal shelter technicians perform the injection, which is much faster and far more humane. Warning - graphic description: I have seen what cats look like after being killed by gassing, it is a gruesome sight. Cats and kittens are loaded into wire cages, which are then placed inside the gas box. The lid is shut and the gas is turned on. Kittens, climb to the top of the inside of the wire cage and are found dead with their paws sticking up through the top of the cage, their jaws tightly clamped down on the wire. I have seen litters of kittens in with the mother cats. They died with their eyes wide open while trying frantically to escape. The mother cats were slumped over, listening to their kittens dying cries as they themselves were suffocated. The person responsible for removing their bodies would have to pry their jaws open to get them off the wire. Cats being gassed do not just fall peacefully asleep, as some pound operators who continue to use gas will tell you. Veterinarians provide a faster and less stressful means of euthanasia for unwanted felines whose lives must end all too soon. Unadoptable dogs from Coastal Animal Services are taken to a veterinary clinic and euthanized there. Why not the cats as well?*Update: Sue Hughes, owner of Coastal Animal Services, spoke to CHEK 6 News on April 29th, and said the cats are killed by compressed CO2. The Humane Society of the United States says the use of CO2 is inhumane. From their website: Carbon Dioxide (CO2)—CO2 is not acceptable for use in animal care and control facilities for the euthanasia of dogs and cats. CO2 produced from dry ice or generated from any other method is unacceptable.


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