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Monday, 11 May 2009

Anthony Spidle severely beat and tortured his ex girlfriend’s 6 month old pit bull mix puppy named Gabriella. She was beaten with a skateboard and tennis racket and thrown against the wall. He recorded the puppy yelping and crying on his ex girlfriend’s voice mail saying, “she doesn’t love me and she doesn’t love you.” He then jumped on the puppy's head and throat, "yelling that he was going to kill him, cut off his head" and give it to his ex-girlfriend. The puppy barely survived. Judge Barrett also presided in Henry’s case. Of the maximum penalty of 1 year, he sentenced Marc Vincent to 6 months of which he served only four. In court, Judge Barrett told Marc Vincent “Your conduct was just horrendous." He also said, "I don't like people who abuse animals and I don't like people who abuse children. Animals and children are vulnerable." It is our hope that Judge Barrett will represent the community that demanded stiffer penalties for animal torturers and send the message that this “horrendous” behavior will no longer be tolerated. We are asking the public to write the Honorable Judge William W. Barrett and respectfully ask him to punish Anthony Spidle to the fullest extent of the law.
Anthony Spidel is the first adult in Utah to be charged with a felony under the new animal torture law.



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