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Saturday, 9 May 2009

STOP packaging and promoting cruelty! - The Petition Site
I am planning to write to Tivoli hotels & resorts to complain about their 'Wild Boar Hunting' packages in Portugal. Wils Boar can be hunted with guns, dogs and bow& arrow.

Not only is hunting obviously immoral and unethical..... It has zero to do with population control (as zoologists, vets and scientists have proven time and time again) and more to do with the human ego and cruelty. Legal, neatly laid-on and packaged cruelty. Making the entire issue of hunting seem a normal, natural, happy, sporting affair to be enjoyed as a leisure pursuit on holiday, as opposed to the unjustifiable slaughter it really is.

Please see the link below for yourself:

My aim is to get as many names together as possible, to show we, the general public, will be boycotting Tivoli Hotels & Resorts untill they stop promoting and earning from such outdated, blood thirsty practices.

I will also be writing to, who organise and promote hunting as holidays. wild Boar, Deer, Lynx and Birds among other Animals too.

Hunting is as viscious as it is neanderthal.... All forms of hunting MUST be stopped, but I am focusing on this particular form and promotion of it right now.

ALSO please write to the hotels yourself at:

Wild Boar are timid harmless creatures, who only become agrressive when their young are threatened.

PLEASE repost! Thank You!


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