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Sunday, 13 June 2010
Loznica City Shelter ~SERBIA..STOP using shelter animals as target practise! - The Petition Site

PLEASE...join with me to voice your outrage at this BARBARIC INHUMANITY!..in Serbia.
Probably everyone who deals with animal welfare abroad, has heard of the atrocities towards animals in Serbia.
Dogs that are killed, hung, poisoned, buried alive and starved to death, killed by thousands, severely injured by brutal capturing methods, etc.
There are many dogs which live in this shelter.
Each month, many dogs are killed by local hunters who appear to be using them as living targets.
Members of the Serbian parliament who represent Loznica always speak against stray dogs whenever they can.
They never speak out about the irresponsible owners, who care nothing about their animals and dont get them sterilised; thus continuing to add further to the stray animal numbers when they reproduce.
These same members of the parliament ask for all stray dogs to be killed.
WE THE UNDERSIGNED CALL FOR THE SERBIAN GOVERNMENT TO STOP THIS CRUELTY NOW!...and start finding humane ways to treat your stray animals.
TELL them you protest their way of thinking and if the cruelty and handling the animals of Serbia continues.. YOU wont visit Serbia UNTIL AND UNLESS these atrocities stop. And you will tell others of Serbia's crimes against innocent animals and urge them to BOYCOTT SERBIA TOURISM as well..
When Serbian animal activists brought a criminal charge about this issue, hunter training on shelter animals was stopped for around two to three weeks.
Because the police have done nothing further and the city inspectors have not acted as a result of the charge, things appear to be going back to how they were with hunters using shelter animals as targets; a kind of canned hunting.
Public garbage firms who are responsible for the catching of stray animals throughout Serbia are given millions from the public purse. Cats and dogs are continually caught, cats are killed immediately and the dogs are thrown into so called shelters before they are taken away and killed.
Currently, the authorities of Serbia spent money on illegal killings, although this money, according to the present law, should be spend on food, sterilization, vaccination and identification of the animals would:

The "Shinters" (= stray control teams) receive 5000-10000 Dinar for each dog who they catch and kill. In contrast, the costs of the sterilization and chip implantation of an animal amount to about 3000 dinars.

With the money that is spend to catch and kill a dog, could thus sterilize and identify about three female or five male animals... .

After the uttermost brutal capturing efforts, the stray dogs are often crammed into extremely confined spaces, where they are left for days without food and water by themselves.

Because of panic, many start biting, then the hunger comes many dogs already die in this "detention time"; after a few days they will be killed. But they are not killed painless, but here again in a very brutal manner, either through the nerve toxin T 61, gas or direct violence - even the Serbian Animal Protection Law DOES NOT PERMIT THIS.

In Raca, according to Serbian animal rights activists, 1.5 million dogs have been killed to this date, which is representing 90% of the dogs that have been admitted there.

Also, dogs that have been captured are deliberately infected with viruses after their sterilization and chip implantation and set free in order to infect as many of the other dogs that are still roaming the streets.

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