Make it a Felony to Fight and Abuse Pitbulls! - The Petition Site

Monday, 14 June 2010
Make it a Felony to Fight and Abuse Pitbulls! - The Petition Site

You keep hearing of another state adopting the banning of Pitbulls and we as people who love these dogs have Got to stand up for them! WHY?Because lawmakers think that the Easy way to solve the problem is just to Ban them and Condeem them!!.What happening when lawmakers would rather see a defenseless animal killed then make TOUGHER laws and Hefty fines against the people who fight them?IF ,we don't try now we may find ourselves under one of the states banning them.WE Can't sit back and not try to make lawmakers see we as a people are standing up for these breeds!We are saying ENOUGH make the ones who are abuse and fight them liable,make tough jail time and hefty fines against these people!Make it a FELONY to fight and abuse this breed!Stop condeeming and banning the breed!!!Let's stand up and use our voice to say NOMORE putting the blame on a dog that just doing what the owner has taught it to do!!Put the blame where it belongs on the people who take advantage of these precious dogs.They torture these dogs for money!!Can't you feel for the animal who has no choice but to fight for it life or die?These dogs are loving pets.They are the ones that should be protected from these people not banned or put down!If you start giving hard sentences and fines you may be able to save these dogs.Banning them all you are doing is making them suffer more at the hands of these people who will just seek ways to hide them .Stop making it easy for these people!Come down on these dog fighters and help innocent dogs.We are standing together as their voice to say ENOUGH banning and condeemning the breed go AGAINST the people fighting them!!We as people who love them are standing up for these dogs!Make it a FELONY with Severe Penalities against the bad owners!!


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