Stand Up for Pitbulls!Stop Ban and Condeem! - The Petition Site

Monday, 14 June 2010
Stand Up for Pitbulls!Stop Ban and Condeem! - The Petition Site

WE the people who have signed are asking for TOUGHER laws and Hefty fines against people who Fight and Abuse Pitbulls.Pitbulls are not bad dogs and banning the breed is Wrong!Be AGAINST the people Abusing and Fighting them,Not the breed!We are asking the lawmakers to stand up and make Tough and Severe penalities against the bad owners who fight them.NO BREED IS BAD!Let's Stand up for this breed we love Before it Too late!They are fought and tortured what happening to this world when States would rather condeem the breed and ban them INSTEAD of going against the people FIGHTING and ABUSING them!!They made money on these poor dogs make them pay large fines!!Look at that man Michael Vick what he made abusing these poor dogs!!Still all States want to do is ban the breed!!That how they think to solve the problem?All they are doing is hurting the breed these horrible people will just find ways to hide the dogs then these dogs will go through even more misery.The solution is If you own a female you have to get a special permit for the dog to have more than one litter of puppies and prove you are a reputable breeder who takes care of the female and it only allowed so many litters. IF your caught fighting them your first offense should already be hefty fines and jail time.As the offenses go it should start out tough and become more SEVERE if caught again.If it is suspected you are training them to fight then that should carry a hefty fine also.There are ways to help this breed and make it where people like us who love them can feel good that we fought for them and they are able to continue to be apart of our lives.The hefty fines could pay Animal officers to set up teams to patrol and check suspicious areas known for dog fighting.We as a people need to call Animal officers if we know or suspect a dog being train to fight,or know people that are fighting them.Michael Vick would NOT of been able to hurt SO MANY of these dogs if someone had spoke up..Bottom line there a way of helping this breed instead of banning and killing them!.Through hefty fines the State could use that money to help the dogs that have been fought to try and rehibilitate them.They could raise awareness to young people on these horrible crimes against these dogs.Try and show what the dog endures.There are ways to crack down on this barbaric act.The money could be put to such great use to help these dogs.What are these States thinking?Ban a breed?What that going to do but push these bad people to hide the dogs and bring more pain to the dog?Until they are faced with prison time and hefty fines they won't stop!We who have signed are asking for Tough jail time,Hefty fines and the money to be put toward Animal Cops to be able to focus on this and have forces to work on this Important Priority.Bring better awareness to people about how these dogs suffer and be able to offer rewards to people who turn in these people or let them know they can report it Anonymously.We as a society of people who love this breed from all over the Country have got to Stand up for these dogs and say We are Tired of seeing these dogs Banned and Condeemed when they are NOTHING but INNOCENT animals who people have preyed on for the sport of money !Go AGAINST the DOG FIGHTERS!!



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