Call for: NATIONAL AGENCY to oversee Animal Shelters in the USA - The Petition Site

Sunday, 6 June 2010
Call for: NATIONAL AGENCY to oversee Animal Shelters in the USA - The Petition Site

Millions of animals each year make their way through the doors of America's animal shelters.
Approximately 5,000 animal shelters operate in the United States. They are nonprofit agencies. Some of them are run by local governments' animal contro­l services and others act as completely independent entities.

HOWEVER...There isn't a NATIONAL AGENCY that oversees animal shelters; the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and other nonprofit organizations that are devoted to animal welfare provide the funding and guidelines to help animal shelters operate effectively.

WE CALL for a NATIONAL AGENCY to be established to oversee all Animal Shelters , and make sure that they all comply with regulations and Humane guidelines.

ANIMAL SHELTERS.. its important to define the difference between these two types of shelters. A municipal shelter is run by a city, county, or other public entity and is funded by taxpayer dollars. Such shelters are staffed by civil servants who may or may not have any experience working with animals. The shelters fall under the auspices of governmental departments such as streets and sanitation, road maintenance, and the like. Their primary job, as defined in municipal codes, is to pick up stray and nuisance animals and reunite lost animals with their owners. Often, a municipal shelter must take in any unwanted animal that is brought in.
A private shelter is funded by private donations and is there to provide a safe haven for lost or displaced animals. Its primary job is to find homes for these animals. This type of facility is staffed by employees and volunteers who, at least theoretically, are knowledgeable about caring for these animals.
PLEASE SUPPORT the making of a NATIONAL AGENCY a regulatory body..that all the shelters must answer to.
This all comes about due to recent horrific staff abuse and cruelty at Forrest City Animal Control Shelter in Arkansas USA...the dogfight which was allowed to occur ..SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.
These shelters need to be accountable for their actions.
**WATCH THE HORRIFIC CRUELTY VIDEO on my petitions link.

PLEASE FIND MY 2 PETITIONS that ive created.
PLEASE sign and share to all animal lovers.


2/ New Management and REFORM for: Forrest City Animal Shelter...
PETITIONS created by Jayne Cvetanoski!/pages/JUSTICE-for-BOZO-and-all-animals-dying-through-SHELTER-negligence/127428563948780?ref=ts


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