End Fox/Coyote Penning in Florida - The Petition Site

Wednesday, 9 June 2010
End Fox/Coyote Penning in Florida - The Petition Site

This is currently legal in Florida and other Southeastern states...It's called "training". Coyotes and foxes are caught by the heavy steel jaws of a leghold trap and suffer excruciating pain and terror, then the animal is removed from the trap and packed into a cramped cage with other injured animals. The animals are routinely sold and transported across state lines to operators of pens. Untreated for their injuries, the coyotes and foxes are released into an enclosure.

In the pens, packs of hound dogs are released to pursue the animals. Exposure to repeated, prolonged and unavoidable pursuit result in stress for the coyotes and foxes. Death is another possibility, even with the presence of escape shelters. The penned coyotes and foxes often meet a cruel end when torn apart by packs of dogs.
This is Not Training....it's a disguise for Dog Fighting...for the entertainment of sicko rednecks who enjoy this bloodletting. Please sign this petition and it will be given to the FFWC at the June 23rd meeting in Lake Mary.
Check out this website for more info: http://www.trainingnottorture.org/


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