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Sunday, 13 June 2010

**** FORREST CITY ANIMAL SHELTER ARKANSAS ...needs investigating.
Two deaths have occurred recently...Two preventable deaths..!
RIP dear little sweet puppy LANEY (pictured) whose death can be attributed to.. being denied basic Vet care when it was needed most, and Bozo who was mauled to his death on MAY 30th 2010..xoxo

WE the undersigned call Police Chief Dwight Duch to thoroughly and fairly investigate these incidents...with a view to animal felony prosecutions of staff found negligent in their duty of care to these shelter dogs.
This shelter needs new management and reform..otherwise other innocent animals will be dying there too. How many more will you let die at this cruel place sir? the right thing.

1/ An innocent little puppy called LANEY came into the Forrest City Animal Shelter..this pup had a skin problem..but she was denied early Vet care..which obviously she badly needed.
This sweet pup died of issues caused by her skin problem and subsequent secondary causes of starvation and dehydration.
HOW LONG had Laney been without food or water? Was she that sick and weak, that she couldnt tolerate food/ fluids?
Little Laney was so thin at the could count her ribs.
When she finally did get seen by the Emergency Vet was too late..she had already started throwing up blood...and then sadly lost her life..:((
**( see for yourselves..the poor innocent face of Laney..links below)!/video/video.php?v=580931621786&ref=mf
2/ This shelter has a history of cruelty.. this incident is the latest. On MAY 30 2010...a horrific incident occurred at the shelter After Hours. A DOGFIGHT that should never have happened. What were the AC Officers thinking? WHO is accountable? WARNING... video is graphic.

WATCH THE VIDEO filmed May 31st 2010.

WE the undersigned call Police Chief Dwight Duch to thoroughly and fairly investigate this incident.
An innocent Labrador... gentle Bozo was mauled so badly that he died. Other dogs were badly hurt.
The DOGFIGHT that staff caused through their cruelty and negligent behaviour needs punishment.
14 dogs were left together for 10 long hours, in a hot cage, with little water on MAY 30th 2010..5 were males, 9 were females ( 2 of which were in heat)..a DOGFIGHT ensued..a tragically brutal one.
BOZO..the gentle Labrador...fought for his life for 10 long hours. His injuries were very severe...WHY DID THEY DO THIS to these poor animals?

Roy Hamilton ...Chief AC Officer and his staff that were on duty and responsible for causing the DOGFIGHT on MAY 30TH 2010 need to be sacked AND **most importantly face animal felony charges.

Here is my petition for poor BOZO...please sign if you havent already...thankyou...Jayne
Here is Bozo's page on FB.. please visit and support.


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