PUBLIC ADOPTIONS for:Springfield Missouri Animal Shelter - The Petition Site

Sunday, 6 June 2010
PUBLIC ADOPTIONS for:Springfield Missouri Animal Shelter - The Petition Site


This shelter has a very HIGH KILL rate ..up to rate of 50-80 animals are euthanised...KILLED there...EVERY WEEK.
This shelter uses the HEARTSTICK method to KILL the animals.
This Euthanasia practise is cruel and inhumane, and many other shelters have ceased this practise..WHY CANT SPRINGFIELD do the same?
This HIGH KILL shelter shows only 40 dogs on their database, but this is only half of what is there.

Here is a link to the database of current dogs/cats in need:

Information on this shelter:
Owner surrenders can be killed within 24 hours after they are brought in. They have NO TIME. Strays are held for five days and then are killed (however sometimes they may get a little more time).

Springfield MO AC - No PUBLIC adoptions- either reclaims or rescue else they are killed.
We do not facilitate individual adoptions at this shelter. Animals that are not claimed from the animal shelter by their owner within five days may be eligible for adoption by qualified animal rescue groups.
Individuals who are interested in adopting an animal from the Animal Shelter should contact these such groups: ( as listed on the bottom of this page).

WE URGE Governor J Nixon to investigate the HIGH KILL rate at this shelter, and establish changes so that the general public may go to this shelter with the view to PUBLICALLY ADOPT a shelter animal.
WE REQUEST THAT SPRINGFIELD ANIMAL CONTROL SHELTER Missouri.. becomes a more humane shelter..with a view to becoming NO KILL in the near future.

**some of the rescues approved by the shelter.
Half-Way Home,
Latichia Duffy

Southwest Missouri Humane Society, Lesly Thurman, 417-833-2526

Boxer/Schnauzer Rescue of The Ozarks, Jennifer Kimberlin, 417-988-4441

Western Missouri Basset, Christine Bly

All Creatures, Angela Walker, 417-345-5002

Mostly Mutts, Kelly Pavlock

American Brittany Rescue, 1-866-brit911
THE FEATURED PICTURE for my petition is of a little shelter dog who didnt have a name ( just a number)..until one of my sweet friends Miriam gave him the name BROWNIE...

when she spotted this poor little dog in his lonely pen...on a visit to the shelter he was at.
BROWNIE ..died in pain, all alone one night a few months ago..
BROWNIE an innocent face of the Shelter system in the USA.
BROWNIE..didnt get the care he needed..can you see his red eye..he also had lumps and bruising on his head. He suffered for a week like this.
Shelter dogs..dont always get the Vet treatment that they should..due to costing, and actual shelter staff neglectful cruel attitudes.
RIP BROWNIE...running pain free and happy now in the RAINBOW BRIDGE...we love you Jayne and Miriam xoxo


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