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Thursday, 10 June 2010
Help Get Sows Out of Stalls | Take Action | Animals Australia

Help Get Sows Out of Stalls

Australia's Largest Piggery Set to Ban Sow Stalls ... in 2017

Pregnant sows in Australia can legally be confined for their entire 4 month pregnancy in a sow stall -- a tiny concrete and metal crate inside which they are so restricted that they cannot even turn around. For the first time hope is on the horizon with Australia's largest piggery committing to get rid of sow stalls by 2017.

In a significant and positive development, Rivalea, Australia's largest piggery operator has announced on its website that it will phase out sow stalls by 2017. The pig industry has been closely monitoring Animals Australia's public awareness campaigns, knowing that more and more consumers are becoming aware, and appalled by the tragic lives endured by mother pigs in factory farms.
This decision by Rivalea as the largest piggery in Australia sets a strong precedent and will improve the lives of some 50,000 breeding pigs. However, 2017 is much too far away for those pigs who are suffering in sow stalls right now! With further encouragement, Rivalea may bring forward this phase-out date, especially since they state that 2/3rds of their pigs already spend all or most of their pregnancy in group housing.
Rivalea states in its animal welfare policy: 'Care for every pig, every day'. To make this a reality, Rivalea also needs to commit to the use of pain relief if performing surgical procedures on piglets, such a tail docking and teeth cutting, and to ensure that all pigs in their care have quality of life and the ability to perform natural behaviours.
Rivalea is beginning to respond to the growing community concern about factory farming. Please spare a moment to urge them to act quickly to eliminate the worst abuses inflicted on pigs in factory farms


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