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Saturday, 13 March 2010
A.Ch.R.-Help Stop the Killing of Dogs in Romania - Petition.fm

To The Romanian Kennel Club (A.Ch.R.) www.ach.ro

email : info@ach.ro
and all its national,regional and invdividual members,

"The Greatnest of a nation and its Moral Progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated" (M.Gandhi)
We, citizens of the world, most of us your co-nationals, come to ask you to join the world wide effort to stop the mass torture and killing of dogs in Romania. Romania and the Romanian People have been tarnished once again by the atrocities commeted agains animals and more specifically against non-pure bredd dogs.
The time has come for you to make a public statement in the national and international media to condemn the decisions taken by mayors in Romanian cities to get rid of those animals by killing them and to remain silent to their poisoning.

The time has come to condemn publicly these crimes and to show the world that you do care about DOGS and not only the pure breed ones. The time has come to advise all your members to adopt a stray dog.
Your silence is very disturbing and is interpreted by many of us a tacit acceptance of what is going on.
The time has come to join publicly the efforts of so many good Romanians, their associations and the international associations who try to help.
We would like to tell you, that further measures will be taken by the international community of all animal advocates to make sure that all animals, all dogs in Romania will be protected.
With all due respect we all wait for a public statement and more than a statement a real help in solving this tragic situation.
We will continue our fight for the lives of innocent animals in your country ar far as necessary.
Please live up at your own statement " Responsible Passion "
The question is...Passion for Pure Breed dogs only...or passion for all dogs..
We do hope that you will break your silence and join all of us for te well being of all animals - all dogs - in this matter.
Thank you
We, the undersigned


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